Palate Press, The Online Wine Magazine

September 9th, 2009

Palate Press, The Online Wine Magiazine.

Palate Press.

Fifteen months ago, I wrote that bloggers should consolidate to increase their exposure and potential for revenue. A few months ago, I became involved in Palate Press, The Online Wine Magazine. In many ways, this project fulfills the vision I had.

Spearheaded by Publisher David Honig, with W.R. Tish as Executive Editor, Palate Press seeks to raise the bar for online wine writing. See here for a list of editors and contributors.

Having said that, I must assert that I do not consider myself a wine blogger. Yes, I write this blog, but insofar as blogging is the casual journaling of personal experiences, I strive towards journalistic standards and principles with

Palate Press aspires to those ideals as well. I have had extensive conversations with David Honig and Tish about the direction, philosophy and standards at Palate Press before committing to the effort. It pulls together wine bloggers in an ambitious experiment. Through well-defined standards and parameters, it hopes to take online wine writing to the next level.

My role at Palate Press is that of Assistant Editor; overseeing Central Coast content. However, these kinds of projects are often collaborative and roles are often fluid. For instance, I edited the article “American Paradox” by Tom Mansell, which will be published later this month. I will also contribute articles regularly and my first is titled: “It’s not about you: Lessons for wine critics“.

All in all, this experience has not been the exercise in herding cats some expected fifteen months ago. We are learning to utilize various tools to organize, coordinate, communicate and cooperate. I particularly like the collaborative nature of the editorial process – at least in my limited experience thus far. Having been both an editor and edited in the past, I truly value this approach.

Palate Press goes live with full content tonight at midnight. There is much more planned for Palate Press and I encourage all readers to follow this publication – if only to observe a fascinating experiment.


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